A rainy day in which I will introduce you all to Roarkon.

Just sitting here listening to music and the steady drumming of the rain while I decide which story I want to work on.

I love rain. It creates a perfect mood for writing. If only my silly cats would calm down and quit attacking the window thinking they can get the rain drops :/

Anyway, one of my upcoming books is called Albino Demon. I’m very excited about this book and cannot wait till it is ready to be published! It is very different than any of my other stories. I thought that I would introduce some of the characters and I will start with the one that the story is about, Roarkon.

Roarkon is an albino. He was abandoned by his parents when he was born because they thought he was a demon child. The majority of the story takes place when he is eighteen. He is an outcast of society and has a certain “power” that he does not want anyone finding out about. When a secret organization finds him and takes him to their base he starts to learn about things he never knew existed. He’s always had to live by his wits, stealing food and avoiding people, but now he has to struggle to keep himself, and the people he starts to care for, safe from the clash between demons and angels.

Blood coated the land. The red liquid soaked into the dirt and dead grass; staining everything it touched a deep russet. The putrid smell filled the air and flies had already started to swarm, hovering over the carnage. He stared at his hands, the blood running down them like a small waterfall; trickling through his fingers and staining his nearly translucent skin red… 

He could not understand what had just happened. All he knew was that everyone was dead and it was because of him. There was something about him that was truly unnatural. Perhaps he really was a demon… ~ from the Prologue of Albino Demon


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