Oh the joys of exercise.

So I noticed with all the time that I spend writing and just on the computer in general, I don’t really spend as much time as I should exercising. I thought I would remedy this and set time aside every morning.

Oh, how I would much rather be writing! It is very difficult to force myself to continue with the daily exercise when every muscle is screaming at me not to. Though at least I bring some amusement to the cats. They think it is a great time to bother me. Such as this morning I was trying to do push-ups and the youngest (also the biggest) decides to dart underneath me. I accidentally hit his back and he runs away meowing angrily. Of course any apology would not be accepted and he is still in hiding. Though that works for me since he is the biggest trouble maker and makes it very difficult to concentrate on writing. Except since I don’t know where he is that could mean trouble…

I do believe cats are worse than children, but I would never want to be without them.


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