I am an alien princess.

“Everyone that is close to me knows that I am actually the only child of the king and queen of an alien race. My home planet is galaxies away and is known as Airalandra.

We are a very intelligent race and far more technologically advanced than the human race. I was sent to Earth by my parents five years ago. My mission was to see what was special about this planet and I was to stay here a total of twenty years, observing humans and seeing if Earth is a worthy addition to our kingdom.

My race is able to take the form of any living creature so you would never be able to tell that I am anything other than one of your kind. We are also able to manipulate the brain and memories, creating ones that never existed. That is how I am able to make people think that I was born into a human family and was raised here.

I came with low expectations, not thinking that there would be anything of worth here. I was pleasantly surprised to find, not only friends but also love. However, the longer I remain here, the more I realize that the human race is propelling itself to its own destruction. I have decided to contact my home planet and inform my parents that this planet is worthless. My advice will be to destroy Earth – a mercy killing.

However, I am not without a heart, and as I said I did make friends so I would be loath to see them perish. There are plenty of people deserving to live and ones that can contribute many things to a society.

So my offer is this. I am willing to take humans with me on my ship when I return to Airalandra. Of course there is a limited amount of space, and since I cannot personally vouch for all that are worth saving, I will have to require an idiocy test. Unfortunately, if anyone cannot pass the test they will not be allowed to leave the planet.

Idiots are the downfall of the world and I will not let them be the downfall of this society that I wish to rebuild on another planet.

Heed my warning. Contact me if you wish to be saved and await the time that will soon come.

Sincerely, the Alien Princess of Airalandra.” ~An Alien Among Humans


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