The weekend has come and gone.

And what did I get done?


Anyway, that is what it feels like. I am very disappointed in myself. I didn’t get any writing completed. I didn’t even work on the art challenges that I decided to participate in. (I am a little over a quarter done with one challenge and then I decided to take on another one which is far more time consuming. I really should have waited till I was done with the first.)

Well what did I do? I got some cleaning done. That was good. I went grocery shopping. I live across the street from the grocery store so that wasn’t a problem. And shamefully, I spent almost twenty hours of my weekend – gaming… (But I was given a brand new game as a gift and the weekend is the best time to indulge myself in idle activities.)

I did get one thing done for writing. I have been having trouble with a major plot hole in Albino Demon and it was very difficult for me to continue writing when that kept glaring me in the face. After hashing the ideas out with a friend, I think I have finally figured it out and now at least I can resume writing on that book.

One of my major problems is that I like to jump between various books that I’m working on and not stick to one. I have almost completed my book The Dawn Knights (it was written years ago but has been needing major editing), I am a good way into Albino Demon (that’s why the plot hole was so distracting), Rain and Snow needs quite a lot of time put into it, and those are the major ones I’ve been focusing on. There are probably at least five other stories that I could easily hop over to, but I’m trying to control myself and stay focused on just the few. I do believe I have ADD when it comes to writing.

But enough babbling. Monday is almost here and I will strive to get a considerable amount of writing done besides everything else that I need to do.

On the final note, I am excited since this will be a short week. On Friday my boyfriend and I will be going out of town to visit his family and we will be gone all weekend. A bit of a mini-summer vacation.

Well, good-evening to all, and may Monday not be the drudge that it almost always is. đŸ™‚


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  1. Zen
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 07:41:51

    I hear you, I haven’t done anything this weekend either! Ironically enough, I too have only managed to resolve a major plot hole in my WIP. It’s so relieving, isn’t it? =D


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