The benefit of staying up through the night.

Well I finally got to sleep around 4am and was able to get about three hours of sleep. The only benefit I have found to staying up through the night is for my cats.

Typically they are crazy and noisy. I also find them worse than any dog that’s ever been in my family. They love to raid the trash can and scatter the garbage all over the kitchen, rip open any package of food they can find whether or not they like the contents, break things, get themselves stuck in places they have no business going into, wake me up by walking on top of me, and plenty more.

If I stay up though, they have no idea what is going on. They’ll just lay around the house watching me, waiting for me to do something. Since I was up so late they ended up sleeping most of the night. Of course they’re wide awake now and have been going crazy all morning, but they won’t be bad if someone is around that can catch them in the act.

Well, now I must go do my least favorite thing in the world – laundry.


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