Up too early…

I can feel a sleep deprived headache about to start up… There’s just too much to do today for me to attempt to go back to sleep. And I really, really want to write today!

So yesterday ended up being laundry day which meant I got no writing done. Not like it is really beneficial,  but I did get more of the playlist completed for Albino Demon. I’d say that is about halfway done now.

Today I have to complete putting the clean laundry away (I wish I could be like Mary Poppins and just snap my fingers and everything would be in place) and I need to give the cats baths. That sounds so daunting. I’m sure as soon as I say the word “bath” they will all go into hiding.

I suppose I shall go try to give my fat cat a bath first. She needs it the most since she’s too lazy to clean herself very well 😛


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