Happy August! In Which I talk about the Dawn Knights

I really cannot believe that it is August already! The older I get, the more time flies.

Let’s see. My goal for August is to get one book published and at least another mostly completed in writing.

I already know that neither of those will probably happen. And it would probably be due to my own laziness. I think if I buckled down and worked on the Dawn Knights I could complete it.

Oh, I haven’t talked much about that book? Well, I wrote it years and years ago. It was supposed to be a joke on one of my sisters but the story turned out so well that I rewrote it, changing some things and making it a complete story with the possibility of turning it into a series.

It is about a group of knights known as the Dawn Knights, since they claim to always be ready for anything at the break of dawn. The group consists of Sir Airan the brain/smart, Sir Balan the brave/bold/brawn, Sir Corin the kind/courteous, and Sir Dundee the lazy/idiot. Additionally, there used to be Sir Erdan the best, but he is now lost.

…in the very center of the room, sitting on a three-legged milking stool and stirring a giant cauldron, was a gigantic, obscenely obese dragon!

Both knights instinctively ducked back into the shadows of the tunnel hoping that the dragon hadn’t already seen them. They listened carefully as their racing hearts began to slow down. The faint sound of the bubbling pot and crackling of the fire reached their ears as well as the occasional creaking of the stool as the dragon shifted his ponderous bulk.

And no knight story would be complete without a dragon, though he is a very odd dragon.

Its supposed to be more comical and is written quite different than any of my other stories. Writing about it here has inspired me to start work on it again. I think I will try to concentrate on it from now on, hopefully it will be published this month then!


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