I’ve been slacking.

So ever since I got home from the weekend trip I’ve been really slacking off in my writing.

Of course the new kitten is not helping matters and I suddenly got into the mood to deep clean the entire house – of course that’s good and the place needed it.

I also am just finding myself uninspired. It’s not a complete writers block, but when I feel like this I hate to force myself to write because it turns out bad and usually it just doesn’t go with the rest of the story. When I read over whatever I got typed out I can just feel the characters being like, “Really, what were you thinking? Leave us alone till you want to listen to us and write our story the correct way.”

I’m one of those authors that doesn’t outline the entire story before starting to write. So once I get started the characters just take control and lead me all over the place, doing things and dragging me along through things I could never have seen coming. Of course it can make things more interesting, but also I’m just at a loss as to how they’re going to get out of the scrapes they put themselves into.

Typically when I start a new story it’s because I’ve come up with an interesting idea (or I drew a character and I want them in a story so I come up with a story for them), like wouldn’t it be neat if there was a story about someone doing this or that. After thinking through it a little more I start to get a vague idea of what I want to happen in the story and then I start to write. That’s when I meet the main character and then they let me know they’re the one in control. Half of the time, ideas I came up with don’t even get into the story. I get to the end and I’m like, “But what happened to that idea I had, it was great!” And the characters are just like, “Shut up you’re an idiot.”

I just let them have their way, it is their story after all.

If I do attempt to do any outlining before I write, the story just falls flat, the characters have no life and I never finish writing it. After the years that I’ve put into writing I just gave up. The characters know their story better than me so I just let them tell me what happens and I write it down.

I’ve heard other authors complaining about this happening to them. I say it’s not something to be upset about or think is wrong, if anything you should be ecstatic because you just created a character that has life and that’s what is going to make your book good.

Now if only my characters can become living and breathing beings!


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