Friday… And Some News.

I don’t know if I’m happy or what… I have been a day behind this entire week and I’m not looking forward to Monday. Besides I still feel like I haven’t gotten anything done.

Anyway, some exciting news! If you follow me on facebook (and I don’t see why you shouldn’t 😉 ) then you have probably already heard, but I have officially confirmed that there will be a sequel to Soul Thieves!

If you haven’t already gotten your copy then you should pick one up! It is available for kindle and in paperback and I just had a special price drop on both versions! (The Nook edition will be released sometime mid-September.)

*End of self-promoting*

Another thing, if you are a YA author, I have added the YA Books Promo Spot to my blog. If you would like to me to list your book there as well just comment or send me an email. (I just need the link where the book can be purchased and the link for the book cover.)


Anything else? What have I completed in editing? Nada. What I have gotten completed in writing? Zilch. What have I gotten completed in my coloring book venture? One little picture…

My brain is just all over the place, I can’t contain myself!


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