Ok, I am in desperate need of help in naming one of my books.

Typically this isn’t a problem for me, but ever since I started writing this book I have never been able to come up with a decent name that I actually liked.

The current title is Goldenport. That is the name of the kingdom that the main character (the princess) lives in. However half of the story does not take place even in the kingdom. That title also makes me feel like the story would revolve around the kingdom etc. So it just doesn’t seem to fit.

Ok. So I’m sure for anyone to be able to give me suggestions I would need to tell a bit about the book.

The main character is Princess Vreda. Her father is always gone conquering other kingdoms and when he comes home he brings her gifts. At the start of the story his gift to her is a fairy. Now fairies in my book are more like people, same height etc, but they’re also magical. Her father acts like the fairy is an animal for the princess’ menagerie and they put a magic ring on the fairy to keep him from being able to run away.
The princess and fairy, who is actually the prince of the fairies, start to become friends and then their adventures away from the kingdom begin. There’s dragons and an evil wizard and giants and an evil but also good unicorn a disgusting duke and just one adventure after another that they have to get through.

I would label it as fantasy/adventure/romance.

Any comments/suggestions to bounce around? I am just out of ideas for this one.

Cheers and thank you in advance 😀


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