Meet Miss Aerith

This is Aerith. She was my second cat and thinks that she is the sister of Aqua, even though Aqua doesn’t like her very much. Well, Aqua doesn’t like anybody very much.

Anyway, Aerith will be 2 yrs. old in about a month and a half. She is very fat and I think that she has a stash of food hidden somewhere because no matter how much feed we cut down on giving to her she never loses weight and still seems to gain pounds. She is terrified of everything and everyone. She is constantly trying to find new places to hide and will only come out for food or when the mood strikes her.

She also has a strange liking for hairbands. Every day she will search the bathroom to see if I have left any lying on the counter. I only have one left from the countless ones that I used to own. She will even try to pull it out of my hair if she sees it. I bought her, her own 100 pack for Christmas and all of those have disappeared. Most of the time she will play with them, chew them in half, and then Aqua will eat the remains.

She is quite pretty and hilarious when she gets into a playful mood. I’ve even been able to train her to give me kisses when I ask her for one.

Like Aqua, she is also getting her own story in my short story collection about the cats. Hers will be on the topic of gluttony.


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