Figured it out!

I have figured out the name of my book! It is going to be Befriending a Fairy (Book 1 in The Goldenport Chronicles). I like it anyway, and it is almost done with being edited! I’m very glad 🙂 I will announce the release date later this week!

Some other news, I will be in an author interview on this blog on Aug 31! You can go ahead and check the blog out in the meantime, I’m sure I will post a link that day 🙂


Oh yes, I’m wanting to start reviewing books. Preferably YA since that is what I like to write, but fantasy is good too or just anything that catches my interest.

So if you are an author and would like for me to review your book, let me know! Unfortunately I can’t go out and purchase everyone’s book (I wish I could) so you would need to supply me with either a pdf or some other document form or a kindle edition.

I would post an in depth review here and I could also give a rating/review on whatever site its available for sale, if you want. Just email me if you would like me to! Also since I would be completely honest in my reviews I won’t post a review on any site other than here if I would give it less than 3 stars, if you would be fine with that, just tell me to post on the other sites to. (If I were to find any typos/bad grammar I would let you know so that it could be corrected and I would leave it out of my review.)

Please someone take me up on my offer! I’m really short of things to read right now.

Alright, back to editing and gaming and trying to figure out what I want my book’s cover to look like.


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