Meet Terra and Ventus

Alrighty, the last of my kitties. This is Terra (the gold tabby) and his brother Ventus (obviously the one with white).

We adopted them from a shelter almost a year ago. They had been born wild and were rescued from some crazy woman that was going to poison them, their mom, and sister because she didn’t like them getting into her flowers. When they were taken in by the shelter the kittens were all pretty sick already and their sister didn’t make it. When we saw these guys we fell in love and had to take them both because they were super attached to each other.

Terra is really shy and likes to stay to himself or be somewhere with his brother. If we travel anywhere they have to be in the same carrier or Terra will cry until we put them together. He is also really easy going and typically only messing with his tail will make him upset.

Ventus is more like a dog than a cat. He is also super clumsy and the largest of the five we own. He is really playful and the only one that will come when called. He likes to pick on the girls and is always the instigator.

Ventus’ part of the short stories is about bullying and Terra’s I am still working out. He is pretty much a perfect cat 😉



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