It’s Sunday.

Which means that the weekend is just about over… I haven’t gotten anything done except for reading. If I get the book done today, it will probably be tomorrow’s book recommendation.

I have found tons of recipes that I want to try out… which means I need to go grocery shopping.

I need to find something to cheer me up.. feeling too depressive lately.

My brain doesn’t want to concentrate on one thing. I don’t even remember what I was just thinking about. I thought there was something I wanted to come and post on here.


Oh, Befriending a Fairy is not available on Barnes and Noble yet… I’m still waiting for them to process it. I don’t know why they’re taking so long. I put it up over a day ago so that it would be processed in time to be available today. Oh well. No one wants to read it anyway so what does it matter.


I’m sorry. Now I feel like I’m rambling. I suppose if I’m going to type like this I need to go to jabberingwocky…



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