Today. Nameless.

It’s dark and dreary and I would love it more if I wasn’t so tired.

I don’t have any energy to do anything today… Maybe if my brain would wake up I could start writing more of one of my other ten billion stories…

Nameless, (my jabberingwockies story) is actually really good. I had forgotten so much of it and it’s really nothing at all like any of my other stories. It’s called Nameless because no one has a name. True, that can be a little confusing at times, but there’s a reason for it.

This was the mock-up for the book cover I made years ago. If it gets completed it will be totally different I am sure.

The main character is a guy that the fate of the world truly rests on. If he dies – so does the world. The wolf is a pretty important character, and he can talk. The tiger I can’t say really because it would spoil lots of the story.

The story part is great, the problem is if you’ve read any of the jabberingwockies that’s what’s going on in between the story. I feel like it detracts, but at the same time I hate to cut them out.

We’ll see. That needs lots and lots and lots of work. The story was never completed and it just needs lots of editing and rearranging. I’m not going to touch it for awhile unless inspiration suddenly strikes.

I shall return to Albino Demon and Rain and Snow and The Dawn Knights. I need to get at least one to two of those completed before moving on to something as big and time consuming as Nameless.



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