Goodmorning! I am finally feeling awake and alive! Which is good. Very good.

So, A couple things. I am running a special discount price on my newest book Befriending a Fairy. You can pick up a copy for only $.99! I’m not going to say how long this promo will last, so better get a copy now 😉

Also, today is the last day – ever –  that you will be able to get a free copy of Soul Thieves! Promo runs out tonight!

What else is new? I did get the 2nd book in The Goldenport Chronicles started it is called Rising From Ashes. I think since I just did so much with BaF I’m more in the mood and mind-set to work on the sequel, so hopefully that shouldn’t take me too long to get completed!
The coloring books have sort of come to a stand still since I became completely uninspired to draw. But I should be picking them up again soon, especially if I pull out some old movies and watch them. I always get in a more creative artsy/craftsy mood when I’m watching a movie.

Also I was browsing Amazon and found some kindle books to review! I’ll try to do a book review every week, either on Thursdays or Fridays. They will be different than my Monday book recommendations because I’ll review a book as either I liked it or hated it or just don’t really care. Recommendations I have to love! But of course.

Alrighty then. I’ve rambled enough. I will go turn on some music and start work on one of my books!



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