What shall I blog about today?

I don’t know really. I’m going to go back over Finding the Lost Princess (Dawn Knights) and see what work I need to finish on it.

Um… I am really tired of having to clean the house. It seriously is all of my cats that mess the place up so bad. There is one bedroom that is designated only for them. I never go in there except to clean litter boxes and in one day they have destroyed the room and made it look like an utter mess. They’re worse than kids because I can’t tell them to go clean up their messes and pick up their room.

Of course their messes aren’t confined to only their room, they have to mess up the entire house. Shoes will be dragged to random rooms that they don’t belong in, clothes, pencils and papers and pretty much anything else. I really think that I have a pack of dogs. Also the big kitties are all teaching my new kitten bad habits.

My friends tell me that I spoil them and don’t punish/train them enough. But then I look at their adorable, innocent faces and they get anything they want and can do anything they want. It’s just impossible to say no or stay mad.


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