“How to Destroy a Heart”

I told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She laughed at me. It wasn’t a happy, you’re joking with me laugh, it was a cruel laugh that said I don’t care what you do.

How to Destroy a Heart is based on a true story. It’s about a girl named Riniel and how her life – heart – is destroyed. It shows how she goes from being a bright, happy, optimistic person that never gets down about anything into someone wanting to kill herself and struggling with the betrayal of the people who should have been there for her above anyone else in the world. It’s not a happy story and it doesn’t really have a happy ending.

But this story isn’t just Riniel’s, there are so many broken and hurting people that have to go through nearly the very same thing – because they’re not perfect.

The fact has always boiled down that I wasn’t what my mother wanted. I wasn’t “perfect” like my oldest sisters.
She says she doesn’t show favoritism. But if that were the case then why is it so obvious that she does?
But perhaps I should start at the beginning. Explain everything that has happened so that nothing can be misconstrued and look like that I am just throwing a pity-party for myself; like she would say I am.


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