The not Monday book recommendation.

So since I failed to make my weekly Monday recommendation, here it is.

This time I recommend The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I don’t know where to begin. This book is the most amazing thing I have ever read.

Now I was a fan before the movies ever came out – and I think that the movies were a very good take on them, so I’m looking forward to seeing the Hobbit this December!

Back to the book. Why do I love it? Why is it my all-time favorite book? Because it has everything and more that you could ever want in a story. It is an epic masterpiece and I don’t think that you can find any fantasy book that hasn’t been somewhat inspired by it. (And don’t be an idiot and agree with the even more idiotic people that think that LotR stole ideas from Harry Potter. LotR was published before Rowling was even born.)

The world is so vivid you can feel like you’re there. The characters you fall in love with – even the secondary ones that aren’t in it all that much. It keeps you reading and reading and reading. Once it’s over you wish that it had gone on forever. It’s just one of those books that makes an impact on you. It draws you in, keeps you hooked and wanting more, causes you to make such an emotional investment that it feels like a part of you is gone when it’s all over.

Sure it’s very long, and the reading level is daunting to some people that want an easy read; but if there’s one book in the entire world anyone needs to read before they die, this is it.

Since most of you have at least heard of it, if not seen the movies, I shan’t go into details about book plot, characters, etc. But there is so much more in the books that they left out of  the movies so don’t think that you know the whole story if you’ve only seen the movie.

Also, pretty much anything by Tolkien is awesome! The Hobbit is great if you want a shorter, easier, and fun read that will provide more background info for LotR. I’ve never been a big fan of dwarves so I think that’s why I don’t enjoy it quite as much. Smaug the dragon is wonderful though.

The Silmarillion, Book of Lost Tales, etc… those are all the background stories for Middle Earth and can be very interesting, though sometimes confusing to keep track of. My advice is to read LotR first and then undertake reading those if you love it enough and want to know about the creation and how the rings were even formed and everything else. There’s some pretty fun stories and amazing characters in those as well.

And I shall wrap this up before I go on and on and on.



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