I don’t understand why my brain feels the need to persecute me.

So lately my insomnia has been staying away fairly well, but now I don’t want to sleep because every time I do I have some sort of nightmare or just insane, disgusting feeling dream.

I woke up and got out of bed this morning, but I was so tired from my bad dream that I went right back to bed. Somehow I fell asleep for two more hours and in that span of time had yet another disgusting dream.

I used to love to dream, but then those were good dreams and I forgot them right when I woke up. These dreams that I have now haunt me the entire day. I can remember every tiny detail about it. And nothing has changed that would prompt a surge of these dreams.

So, why my stupid brain, do you have to make sleeping such a horrible experience for me? First you don’t let me sleep till I become so exhausted that I drop dead. Now you let me sleep, but it is not restful and you fill my day with horrible, dark auras…


On the side, my cats are like scared or intrigued or something of ice cubes. They just sit there for hours, staring at them like they’re some strange life form.



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