Happy Labor Day! and release news!

It really feels like it’s still Sunday, so I’m sure I’m going to be all messed up on my days this week.

Well the weather is overcast and stormy so not really doing much. Since my laptop bit the dust awhile back, the only computer I have access to is my boyfriend’s laptop. Typically he doesn’t need it throughout the day, so he’ll leave it with me to do all my writing on – besides he has another laptop from his work that he can take home and use as well. Since he has no work, he’s been needing his computer which leaves me with hardly anytime to borrow it from him so I have not been able to get very much writing/editing completed like I had hoped. I had really been hoping to release my newest book today.

Anyway, I said all that to say, the release date for Finding the Lost Princess (The Dawn Knights Trilogy book 1) will be released 9-7-12! That is this Friday! (Unless something seriously messes this up.)

I hope you all have/had the best holiday weekend! Mine was going to the movies and out to dinner last night – a very nice date night – and that is all.




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