Next big project.

Ok. So I’ve been wanting my very own author website for forever. My boyfriend is a computer programmer and knows  more than me about building a site – I have very basic knowledge since I focused pretty much only on the graphic side of things. Actually he knows like pretty much everything I know maybe 1%…

Anyway that is what I want to work on. I just have to talk to him – again – about it. Maybe I can finally get his help if I come to him with an entire layout of everything I’m wanting and hoping it will look like. Of course he’ll probably tell me that he is too busy and will tell me just to learn the coding and languages myself. I think I could if it was prettier to look at :p

So I pulled out Albino Demon to work on, but I decided to look at Rain and Snow to see where I left off and started working on that again. Inspiration has suddenly returned!

Now I want to go create another mural on the wall by my front door, but I just don’t know what to do… I’m having serious ADD today. I can’t stay focused. When I was writing was the longest that I was able to stay on one task, but then I got hungry and had to stop. I am able to tune out noise, tv, people, and animals for the most part, but when hunger and thirst come knocking they are incessant little buggers.

I guess I will get off of here because if I’m going to ramble I should hop on jabberingwocky…

Oh, and stay tuned because I should have info in regards to the giveaway I want to hold by the beginning of next week – going to work on getting it together this weekend, if everything goes as planned!



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