Monday Book Recommendation.

Today I shall recommend a series for you. It’s  The Tiger’s Curse series by Colleen Houck.

It was about a year ago that I was walking through a book store. I always check out the bargain books cause I love a deal! Well, as I was browsing I spotted the spine of a book that said Tiger’s Curse in shiny, silvery blue letters. Well “tiger” grabbed my interest because I love, love, love tigers and who can resist something shiny 😉

I picked it up and read the inside flap, thought it sounded interesting but just wasn’t sure. After putting it down and picking it back up several times I decided I had better buy it or else I would get home and my brain would pester me until I purchased it. I’m still not sure why it was in the bargain books because going to the YA book section it was also there but not on sale. I think it was just destined to fall into my hands.

Well, I started reading it and I got hooked. I looked it up online and found that the 2nd book had already come out so I hurriedly purchased that. Then I had to wait a few more months till my boyfriend bought me the third book for my birthday. The fourth book just came out a week or so ago and I have yet to purchase it.

Anyway, the series follows Kelsey Hayes, an orphan that decided to take a temp job working at a circus. There she meets a white tiger, Ren, who is actually a 300 yr old Indian prince that was cursed into the tiger form. A man shows up wanting to purchase Ren and take him back to India. The man is Mr. Kadam and was the military adviser under the prince’s parents and had been trying to help him since the curse was put on him (he has a special amulet that keeps him from aging). Kelsey joins him, thinking they’re just taking the tiger to a reserve in India, not until she gets abandoned in the Indian jungles with only the tiger as her companion does she find out why they truly wanted her to come.

They believe that she is the key to breaking the curse. Ren can take human form for only 24 min. a day and she finds out that Ren has a brother, Kishan, that is also under the curse. She agrees to stay and help them.

The curse has 4 parts, and each book deals with one of them. They go to magical worlds, battle mythical monsters and gods. There’s dragons, the Kraken, magical possessions, and so much more that I don’t want to spoil everything. I especially like the books because it brings so many different cultural mythologies – particularly Indian and Asian –  into it. I love myths and legends and fairy tales, and since those were cultures that I had never learned as much about it’s really interesting to learn more about them.

Now, most of the time I want to strangle the majority of the main characters, or at least slap sense into them. Other times I wonder why I read the books – why I even like them – but then I start reading and the writing is so well done that it just pulls me into the world and makes me keep on reading till I finish it. There’s always something going on and you never know what’s going to come next that you have to keep reading.

Pretty much my only negative is that the action scenes usually leave me wanting more. It’s like these big battles/major action scenes that last for hours or sometimes days will only take up one page, whereas a kiss that’s only a minute long will take up like five pages.

But I definitely recommend them. They’re ultimately really enjoyable, have plenty of adventure, decent action, of course romance, and pretty awesome tigers.

The books are Tiger’s Curse, Tiger’s Quest, Tiger’s Voyage, and the newest one Tiger’s Destiny (can’t wait to get my copy so I can read the end! or what should be the end…)


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