Announcing the giveaway!

Hello all, so excited to announce that I am holding my very first author giveaway!

Yes, it is here! Finally.

Since wordpress doesn’t allow certain coding I can’t post the actual giveaway on my blog. So to enter go here. (The link is also in the sidebar of the blog.)

Now to the good stuff.

Prizes: The winner will receive an autographed paperback, first ed. – actually the very first printing – of my book Cella, A Tale of Cinderella!
Winner will also receive a custom painted wolf statue in reference to the Cosmic Wolves from my other book, Soul Thieves.
There are sure to be additional winner goodies that crop up over time. I may announce some, but others I probably will just keep as a surprise for you 🙂

So -for sure-  not only do would you get one of my books, but also a custom art piece that I will never create again!

Giveaway ends on 10-1-12.

Good luck!

Oh, and since one of the ways to get extra entries is through tumblr. you can view the post here to see how to get more entries!

Want an extra entry right now? Just leave a comment 🙂


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