Writing. writing. writing.

Whoo! I already got 5 chapters completed in the brand new book I just started writing. (Each chapter is around 1000+ words) I would have gotten more done, but of course when I actually have inspiration to write I always end up with technical difficulties :p

So right now I am waiting for the cable guy to come and set up new cable/internet. Already an hour late, but what’s to be expected.

I’m also awaiting the maintenance guys for my apartment complex to come and finally fix the electric in my bathroom. I don’t like wall outlets that shoot out sparks.


So this new book I’m working on… Tentative name is Jinger Andrews (The Guardians: Book 1).  I’m really enjoying writing it. I’m finding it very fun and different from my usual style of writing. Well, I won’t tell anymore about it at this time.

I think that’s it.

Oh wait, just to remind everyone, if you haven’t already, the giveaway ends in 2 weeks, so better get your name in if you want to win! I’ll post pictures of  some of the prizes when I can. Probably tomorrow.

Here’s the link to enter.




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