Interview with a Cat: Ventus Roman

So I was on the computer last night trying to think what I should blog about today when the kitties begged me to interview them šŸ˜‰ I agreed to do a test run.

Today I have Ventus with me! His full name is Ventus Vanitas Roman. Ventus is Latin for wind and Vanitas is Latin for emptiness. His nicknames are White Rabbit, Giant, Clumsy,or Ven/Venny. He was adopted from a shelter, along with his brother, a little over a year ago. He used to be a feral cat with his sister, brother, and mother – but they were rescued when a human threatened to poison them.


Hi. Ventus! I’m so glad you are here today. Can you tell us a bit about your life as a feral cat?

Mrowww meow meww purrr.

I’m sorry, but we all speak English here. It would be very helpful if you would as well.

You could have said that you didn’t have a cat interpreter here…
So my life as a feral cat? I am part of a triplet that was born in the wild to our mother. I never knew my father. My mother would leave my brother, who was the oldest, to watch over our sister, who was the runt, while she took me hunting. That’s why I have wonderful hunting skills and know how to charm birds and bugs. I had really big paws that made me clumsy, so my mother eventually stopped taking me with her because I would frighten all the prey. Three kittens were a lot of mouths to feed so she sent me to a warren of rabbits so that they would raise me instead.

Wait. What? Don’t cats eat rabbit?

Sure we can, but we don’t usually want to since they’re about the same size as us. Being raised by the rabbits is why I like to dig, eat lettuce, and hop around the house. I would still visit my family every few days. It was on one of my visits that the humans came to take us away.

Very interesting… I don’t think a cat could survive with rabbits though. So, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Hmmm… I like to play with my brother, but picking on my adopted sisters is really fun too!

Sounds like you have fun. I’ve heard that you’re considered a bully. Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t say I’m a bully. I just like to pick on anyone that’s smaller than me – except my brother since I love him.

Lol. Can you tell us why you have the nicknames that you do?

Sure. My nickname “Clumsy” comes from when I was younger. Since my paws were too big for my body it made me really clumsy – I still am a bit. “White Rabbit” is because I hop around like a bunny and I like to eat lettuce. “Giant” is because I’m the biggest cat in the house. “Ven” or “Venny” is really self-explanatory.

Nice. Do you have a favorite place to nap?

I love naps! I usually sleep anywhere that I want too. If there are no humans, I like to sleep on the bed or the couch. Otherwise I just find a box or somewhere on the floor. I love boxes the most.

Of course you do. Do you ever miss the rest of your family?

I don’t really remember my mother too well. Since I was sent to live with the rabbits so early I didn’t really get to spend as much time with her. Once we were taken to the cat shelter she was sent back into the wild really quickly.
I would say I miss my sister the most. She looked just like me and was a sweet kitten, but she wasn’t strong enough to get over the sickness and make it through the surgeries…

That’s sad. I heard that you’re going to be sick for the rest of your life.

That’s true. I have an incurable disease. It is uncomfortable at times, but it doesn’t really effect me too badly. At least I can live out my life as a mostly normal cat.

Well, that’s better then. Did you have any other names before your current one?

Yep. When I was at the shelter I was called Yahoo. I can’t tell you what my mother named me. It can’t translate into English and you don’t understand cat.

Cool! So, before we end the interview, is there anything else you want to say?

Yes. I am hungry. Let’s go eat! And then can we watch How To Train Your Dragon? I saw it on TV and I really liked watching it, the dragon sounds like a cat.

Haha, ok! Thanks again for being here today!


You can also check out Ventus’ Facebook.




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