Author Interview with Robert Coward!

Today I had the pleasure of being able to interview the wonderful author, Mr Robert Coward!

Robert works as a Consultant/Sr. Project Manager for a subsea engineering and management company out of Houston and lives in Katy, Texas with his wife and two cats. He was born in Pasadena, Tx in 1956, the second of two boys. He’s been married to Carel Paulena Johnson since September 22, 1978 and they have a daughter named Amanda. Their oldest daughter, Lou Ann, passed away in 1999 from complications of spina bifida just a month before her 17th birthday.
His books include, Deathjester: The Legend of Battleblade, Miracle from Mayhem, Why Pastor’s Die Young, Black Roses/Silk Heart, The Keeper’s Dare, The Last Medal, The Grove of Akkadia, and Evil Most Holy.


Hi Robert, thanks so much for being here today! So why did you start writing?

My first child was a little girl, born in 1982. She came into the world with a severe case of Spina Bifida and the doctors said she wouldn’t live 24 hours. They were wrong, as she lived almost 17 years. In the first seven months, my wife and I were heartbroken over not only her predicament, but our own. We were very young and had only been married a little more than three years. We learned to cope and love and care for her, but it was a long road we travelled. The only way I could constructively release my grief and all the other emotions that come with such an event was to write my feelings out on my paper. It started out with poetry and stayed there for several years. One day, around 1994, I sat down to write a short story. A year and 183,000 words later I wrote THE END on my first novel, Deathjester, The Legend of Battleblade. My daughter passed away in May, 1999, and I wrote a short biography about her life called Miracle from Mayhem. Ever since, I have wanted to write books of all different types and genres. It keeps me thinking of her.

Wow, I can’t imagine going through something like that. What is one thing that none of your fans probably know about you?

I’m a huge Trekkie fan. I grew up with Kirk, Spock, McCoy and gang in the ‘60’s. I have every episode of the original, Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Star Trek Voyager. I also have all the movies that were made. I could never get into the other Enterprise series, though. It was too hokey.

That’s cool! Do you like to write fiction or nonfiction/ both/ only one?

Fiction is my favorite. It presents the greatest challenge to me since my goal is to write a book in a different genre every time I sit down to generate a story line . I recently finished The Grove of Akkadia which is set in modern day and revolves around an anomaly in the Brazilian rainforest and has spies, intrigue, combat, and a surprise ending. Then, my next book was a very graphic horror novel set in 1590 England that concerns witch hunters, witches and demons. You can’t get much further apart in story lines than those two that I wrote back to back. That’s the real challenge for me, and fiction does it better than anything else.

That’s a really cool goal! I love fiction too. Do you view writing as a career or a hobby or something else?

I desperately want to write for a living, but I only recently began to try and market my work. So, right now I would have to describe writing as something I love to do that I am working on building into a career. It would be great to live out my life as solely a writer. For me, that would be a dream come true.

My feelings exactly. So what is your favorite movie/tv-show?

Favorite Movie: Vanishing Point (Greatest ending EVER)
Favorite TV Show: All of the real life murder shows, like Dateline. It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to get rid of a body. My wife thinks I’m taking notes. However, after 34 years it would be cheaper to keep her. Not only that, she’s the only one who knows where my money is. My name isn’t even on the checks.

 Lol, that’s pretty funny. Do you have any pets?

Big cat lover. We have Sasha who was our first daughter’s cat. He was almost two when we got him and she died about a year and a half later. He’s getting up there, now…around fifteen years I think, but he’s still healthy and is very special to us. When he goes to kitty heaven, there will be much weeping. Then, we have Jasmine. She’s a little 10 year old calico rescue that is grateful to be among cat lovers. We’ve had her a little over a year now. They make quite a pair and we’re glad to have them.

That’s awesome! Big cat lover myself – have five cats to prove it, lol. Are there any special events coming up? (Such as new release, book signing, tour)

I’m so glad you asked. All of my books are self-published. Some are on and then four e-books can be found on BUT…my Western, Hell’s Gunman, has been picked up by a publisher. I signed the contract about a month ago and we are already working on the cover design and editing. It’s a 97,000 word story set in 1884 Arizona and I am very proud of it. It’s the only book I’ve written that I knew throughout where I was going with the story. I didn’t have the first instance of writer’s block. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until July, 2013, but I’m just excited that my writing has been legitimized with a real publishing contract.

Wow that’s awesome! Congratulations!

I’ve been running a radio campaign in Austin, Texas for my True Crime novel, The Keeper’s Dare. It’s about my uncle being arrested in 1939 for ambushing and murdering a deputy sheriff in southeast Texas. It’s a fictional account based on actual events that I put about seven years of research into. The radio campaign has been running since July and will be over at the end of October. You can hear the audio on KJCE 1370 Austin, or go to my website and listen to it all there.

That sounds really interesting! I’ll go check it out. Alright, you can only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What is it?

Man, that’s a tuffy. Hmmmm. Being from Texas I would have to go with bar-b-que; as long as I had the choice of beef, sausage, ribs and pork. Otherwise it would be Tex-Mex, best Mexican food in the world.

Great pick, love bar-b-que too! What is one, non-writing related, thing that you like to do in your spare time.

This one is kind of embarrassing. I am a Total War computer game addict. My wife has already told me that if I had a woman as a mistress I would at least get out of the house every once in a while. I play Rome Total War, Medieval Total War, Napoleon Total War…etc etc. If we ever get a divorce, it will be over that game.

Haha, I completely understand! I’ve never tried those specific games, but I do know how easy it is to get lost in the game worlds. Alright, so one more question, imagine you just won a trip to anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?

This is the easiest question yet. Australia. So far, my work has taken me all over the world. Australia is the only continent of civilization that I haven’t put my footprint on. I’ve been to Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and of course North America. I don’t include Antarctica because there are only scientists and penguins there. We have a world map on our wall with pins showing everywhere I’ve been. In that respect, I have been blessed to have had the ability to travel all over the world and experience so many different cultures. I think it has helped make me a better writer.

 That’s awesome! I’ve always dreamed about being able to travel the world. Do you have any closing comments?

I want to thank you for this opportunity. It’s forums like this that help old timers like me get the word out about our work. It is my sincere desire that if anyone out there reads this they will hear me when I say that everyone has a story. All it takes is the discipline to sit down and write it.
Thanks again, Steffany. It is very much appreciated. When Hell’s Gunman comes out, I’ll send you a signed copy! 

Aw, thank you so much, I would love that! And thank you for being here today, I really enjoyed being able to have this opportunity to interview you!


Want to know more about Robert and stay up on news and info? Check out these sites: Website, Twitter, Blog (Robert: I’m pretty outspoken and conservative, so enter at your own risk), Facebook (The Book Dungeon)

And be sure to check out his book, Evil Most Holy. Available now!

The setting is England, 1590, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. Enidor Fox is a depraved witch hunter traveling the southern countryside in search of wealth, not witches. Even though he is a priest, it is in name only. He partners with Lords and Nobles in the counties, falsely accusing persons of witchcraft and having them summarily tried, mercilessly tortured and then summarily executed. Once they are dead, the Lords confiscate the deceased’s property and grants Fox a kickback for his trouble. He soon finds himself in Wokingham of Berkshire County to work his evil again, but this time he stumbles upon a real coven of witches who are not happy to see him and his entourage of cutthroats invade their territory. The two forces are soon joined in mortal combat and only the evil most holy will win the day.

The author, Robert Coward, lived in Wokingham for over a year and in Southern England for almost four years. He travelled extensively around Berkshire County and uses his knowledge of this area of Great Britain to paint an excellent picture of the history there. Even though Evil Most Holy is purely fictional, the places are real and the torture devices and methods historically accurate. Mr. Coward takes you to a land of the richest past and of brutal times now gone.

The purchaser must understand that this work possesses extremely graphic content of torture, sexual situations and violence. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR THE EASILY OFFENDED!!!! Enter at your own risk.



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