Goodbye weekend.

It’s that time again. Sunday night. End of the weekend.

Now all week long I was super productive and got so much writing done. The weekend came and I hardly touched the novel. Oh well, I’ll do some extra the rest of the week to make up for the lack. I just need to take some breaks at times.

Now, more important matters – my boyfriend’s birthday is this Friday and I have nothing for him, have no idea what to get him, and the only things I know he wants for sure I don’t have the money for.

Also, there’s a Halloween masquerade in town (yea, a month away) we wanted to go last year but ended up not going because it was super cold. Contemplating going this year, but have no idea what to wear…

And now I’m rambling; or I think I am… or something…

Ok – goodnight and have a happy Monday!


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