Interview with a Cat #2: Aqua Martin-Roman

I decided to interview another one of the kitties.

Today Aqua has decided to join me! Her full name is Aqua Yavanna Martin-Roman. Aqua, of course, is water. Yavanna means giver of fruits. She is often called Awkers, Uqu, and Mongoose. She just turned two years old about a month ago. She is a little crazy, eats anything she can get her fangs into, and likes to be alone.


Hello Aqua, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with me today!

You should be thankful. I took time out of my very busy day to answer your stupid questions.

Um… Ok. Don’t you usually sleep all day, though?

Of course, but I am up all night – working.

I see. Alright then I won’t take up too much time. So what exactly do you work on in the evenings?

I am an alchemist. I brew potions and work on experiments. I have a secret lab located with the hot water heater… One day I shall rule the world!

How very… interesting. I heard you’re the oldest cat in your family. Do the others look up to you like as a role model?

No! I try my best not to associate myself with them. I’ve lived my entire life with an annoying cat that thinks she is my sister. We were forced to be together almost since we were born. I went through two other homes before ending up in the one I’m at now, and she was never allowed to be apart from me. She is rather dimwitted and does not get the hints that I don’t like her. I just ignore her now.
Of course my humans had to adopt two brothers. I couldn’t stand them at the beginning. I tolerate them now. The biggest one thinks he can bully me and I hate him more than any of the others.

I thought I heard that you tried to make one of the brothers your apprentice though.

True. True. I did attempt that at one time. He had the intelligence I was looking for. Also he’s very submissive and I didn’t think he would challenge me. He failed as my apprentice and I don’t want him anywhere near my lab!
Back to the last kitten. He was adopted around a month ago or something like that. I despise him. End of story.

Ah, but there are supposedly some pictures of you two napping together.

Do not listen to the media! I would never have done so willingly. I fell asleep and when I woke up he had decided to curl up against me. I did not give him permission to sleep so close to me.

But he is just a baby. He’s like half your size and it’s been getting cold.

If he needs a napping buddy he has two older brothers that he can nap with. I don’t want him near me.

Alright, fair enough. So how do you go about your alchemy?

I experiment. I mix ingredients together and hope that they turn into something I want. I also will eat everything that I can find to see if it has potential as an ingredient for my potions.

Wouldn’t that make you sick or possible kill you?

I have a very good immune system…

Uh huh… Now you mentioned that you are going to rule the world. How and when will that come about?

I shall not give my details away. I shall suffice it to say that the world would be a better place if a cat ruled humanity.

I’m not so sure about that.

Do not disbelieve me! I am done with this interview.

But I didn’t ask all of my questions!

I don’t care. I am the one in charge and when I say this interview is over it is over! Goodbye.

Alrighty then. I suppose that wraps up this interview.


You can also check out Aqua’s Facebook and Tumblr. blog.



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