Good morning!

Well, at least where I am it is 2 in the morning… I have major insomnia tonight. Plus there are several factors that are only making it worse. I shall not get into them or I shall go into an endless rant that will turn into who knows what at this hour of the night.

So I have been writing like crazy! This new book I’m working on has given me wings and I just can’t seem to run out of steam – no pun intended since it is a steampunk novel :p

I thought I would share with everyone here – if you haven’t seen it on my facebook page – the close to completed book cover for it!

It has gone through many variations and I think I am finally happy with the background and layout. The title I’ve been playing around with and will only remain the same if the following books in the series can match. (and I like the words at the bottom – just not sure if it will say exactly that)

Alrighty, big question – when will it be available? I don’t know. I should hopefully be finished with the first draft in the next week – do some editing – find some beta readers – edit and edit and edit and edit…. Hopefully around the new year? (If you want to be a beta reader let me know! I don’t have anyone on the list yet 🙂 )

But I’m excited for the book cover at least. I always seem to write better if I know what the cover and title will be. It always seems that if I get stumped on the design side I will get stuck in the story. I don’t know why.

And I leave you all now with a bit of an idea of what the book will be like – a blurb type of thing… (I need sleep)

Jinger Andrews thinks she’s a mostly normal college student. After some unusual events she finds herself transported into another world; a world of automatons, strange inventions, and a mixture of the past with the future.
A new life is thrust upon her and she finds out that she is one of the chosen guardians – humans that are unknowingly bonded to one of the ruling members of the world.
Her duty is to protect the future senator she had bonded to, no matter the price – even at the cost of her own life.


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