Interview with a Cat #3: Terra Roman

The title says it all.

Terra is here with me today! His full name is Terra Xehanort Roman. Terra is latin for earth. Xehanort we believe means no heart. His nicknames include,”handsome”, “terrible”, “terror”, “terabyte/terabit/teranibble” or “tare”. He’s a little over a year old and incredibly shy.


Hi Terra! Thanks for joining us!

Thank you for having me.

No problem! So can you tell us a something interesting about yourself that no one may know?

Hmmm… I have a toy mouse that I love very much. If it gets lost I go into depression and am angry at everyone until we find it again. I just like to play with it.

Lol. ok! So you were in a shelter with your brother as kittens. How was that?

I hated it. We were both sick, so being locked up in little cages wasn’t very nice. I’m really glad that we got adopted together though. Everyone wanted to adopt me but no one wanted my brother.

That’s sad. He’s a really nice cat. You seem pretty quiet and reserved. Is that how you normally are?

Yes and no. I tend to stay to myself out of the way of everyone. I don’t like to talk, though I do like to play in the mornings. If someone gets treats out I will always be the first to come running.

Ah, so you can be bribed with treats! So I was told that you used to be the apprentice to Aqua the alchemist.

Yea, I never wanted to though. She’s a little crazy. I only did it to make her happy because I never like anyone being mad at me.

Well, that’s nice. So you’re rather a people pleaser.

A bit. I don’t care about being top cat. They can all waste their time fighting it out.

Yea. Lets you do other things and have more friends that way. Are you a tech savvy cat? I noticed you had a gaming system in the picture and some of your nicknames sort of imply that.

Oh… Not really. The nicknames are because I will evolve into larger forms. I’m a terabit right now, but with the proper things I will evolve into a teranibble and finally a terabyte.

Interesting… It sounds some thing like the pokémons. Have you been up to anything interesting?

I’m campaigning in a way.

Campaigning? Can you tell us for what?

President of USA!

How very… interesting! I don’t think a cat can be president though…

A cat is allowed to be a mayor, so I don’t see why a cat can’t be president.

Mayor is quite a bit below president though. I don’t think you have enough experience.

Does anyone have experience as a president? Not unless they’re running for their second term.

I just meant in politics in general.

I think you would be surprised. I am the most intelligent cat here, even more so than the alchemist.

I suppose you are intelligent, but that doesn’t mean you would be fit for president.

Let America decide.

Lol, we’ll do that. Is there anything else you want to say before this interview is over?

I don’t believe so. I would just like to go take a nap now.

Alrighty then! Thanks again for being here.


You can check out Terra’s Facebook as well!



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