My Nothing Update. :P

I’ve not been doing much – other than writing. I am pretty sure I should be able to finish the first draft today! I’m so excited 😀 I’ve passed 55,000 words already!

I love the new cable/internet. So many new channels so there’s usually something decent to watch, and the internet doesn’t just randomly cut out or get really slow.

Protein shakes are rather nasty. I’ll stick to the protein bars. I hate the chalky after taste that the shakes leave. Otherwise it’s not too hard to stay on track with the diet. Though I’ve been getting really bad headaches and I don’t know if that’s from lack of food/caffeine/or just being on the computer all day. Supposedly I can drink whatever I want, but I’ve been trying to be better and limit myself to about one cup of soda a day.

I really can’t believe it’s October! I know this month will go by way too fast and then we’ll go right into all of the holidays and the rest of the year will disappear in a blur, especially if I have to end up moving….

Ok. I will go back to ignoring everything and just start writing again.



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