Author Interview with Sarah Christine Lalonde

Today I have the fantastic author Sarah Christine Lalonde with me!
Sarah  is a natural born medium, and author. She has had the ability to connect with the other side since she was a child, and offers in person and online readings. As a wildlife photographer, Sarah loves animals and is a vegetarian. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her boyfriend and their two black cats, and she has a degree in psychology and works as an educational assistant in the schools.


Hi, Sarah! Thank you so much for letting me interview you today! So why exactly did you start writing?

As a child I always loved stories, especially the kind my mom made up on the spot before bedtime. This sort of creative story-telling “game” really inspired me to write every day. Creating new worlds with my words was a fascinating way to spend my day as a child. At age 9, I even started to write a journal so that I could keep all my treasured memories safe. I still keep a journal to this day, and have revealed a few of my personal entries in my ebook “Living with Spirits-My Life as a Spiritual Medium” regarding my spiritual journey and visions.
Inspired by my Angels and Guides I started to write Living with Spirits in my early twenties to assist other people in connecting to their own loved ones who had crossed over, while also inspiring faith and healing.

That’s really interesting! Do you view writing as a career or a hobby or something else?

I would consider writing as a love. I write when inspired or because it feels right, and I enjoy doing it. Whether it is a hobby or will one day turn into a career is not as important as knowing that it came from the heart.

That’s great way to think of it. What is your favorite thing about writing?

Capturing emotions, making others feel them too.

Those are always my favorite books to read. Do you outline everything that you write?

For my non-fiction story about growing up as a medium I just sat down and started to type. I felt inspired by the other side, and so was very much guided with which experiences to talk about with everyone as I was typing. I was more of a sailboat on a lake, letting a bit of wind guide me to the destination.
When writing fiction I always feel as though the story and characters are all alive. Though I’ll brainstorm ideas, and if need be do any applicable research, it’s as though I can only really know what will happen next by sitting down and starting to write. If someone asks me, what will happen next? I can usually safely state that “I haven’t a clue.” Anytime I do write down information, it is after the chapters have been written. It is to help me remember important details that I wouldn’t want to forget later on. I do have a poor memory.

That’s exactly how writing is with me. I adore animals so I always like to know this; do you have any pets?

In “Living with Spirits-My Life as a Spiritual Medium” you get to meet Shaniah, my Basset Hound.  As a child I begged daily for my own dog, and spent much of my time reading books like Shiloh (by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor) and reading and re-reading Where The Red Fern Grows (By: Wilson Rawls). In my eyes every child should have a puppy to run outside with and one with which to snuggle indoors on the colder snowy evenings. My pleads for my own dog to love never ceased, when finally, at age twelve my mom and dad brought me my own hound dog home as a surprise. This long eared sweetie learned many tricks with me, from playing dead to counting using her paws. She and I loved to entertain everyone at the nursing homes. When able (perhaps one day!), I hope to open a no-kill dog shelter to help dogs find a forever home.

Aww, she sounds wonderful! And that would be awesome if you could! Good luck 🙂

I am currently living with two absolutely beautiful black rescue cats named Jelly Bean and Echo. Both cats are leashed trained and are always outdoors with supervision. My partner Jeff and I believe it to be important to not only be certain our pets are safe from injury from moving vehicles and other outdoor hazards, but to ensure our felines are not contributing to the death of any wildlife. If you are a person who loves animals and are not afraid of change, please read about the problem between our pet cats and birds. The more knowledge we build within ourselves, the better we can make our world. I offer this link as a start to your research:

Very interesting! I have five indoor cats (all rescues as well) and I’ve been trying to leash train them so they can enjoy the outdoors safely. That link brought up lots of good points; but back to you.

Jelly Bean and Echo love to travel and will not only take frequent car rides to visit family, but will ride eight hours in their harness (no leash, no cage) in the car when going on a trip. At times, they will even do tricks on command for a bit of a snack! Is there really a difference between cats and dogs or do we just treat them different? So far, my pets have taught me how anything is possible!
We chose our cats specifically based on their colour. Black cats are the most likely colour of cat and kitten to be euthanized in Canada and the States. This is due to superstitions that tell us how black cats are evil or are unlucky.
So if you are feeling generous, please consider adopting a black cat and save a life. They make very cuddly, intelligent, and playful companions! Not to mention they go with all the décor! 😉

Lol. I completely agree with you. Black cats are no different from any other cat and they shouldn’t be “less adoptable” because of color. So what is one, non-writing related, thing that you like to do in your spare time?

My partner Jeff and I spend a lot of our free time outdoors in the wild photographing nature and wildlife. As strict vegetarians we want to capture the beauty, soul, personality, and heart of the animals. All our photographs are taken ethically in the wild (not in a zoo) and without the use of bait. You can view our work here:

Those are amazing! For me I really only like fiction, but do you like to write fiction or nonfiction? Or do you like both or only one?

I enjoy both. By writing non-fiction I hope to help other people connect with their own loved ones on the other side and be able to trust their intuition. I want people to know they are loved by their creator, angels, and guides, and help people connect to their own spiritual selves.
When I write fiction I feel as though my imagination spills onto the page and I become a part of this newly created world of fantasy. It is a lot of fun to be in a place where anything can happen!

That’s what I love so much about fiction! Well, do you ever run out of inspiration for your writing? If so what do you do to get it back?

Many times life has a tendency to become very overwhelming, whether with work or family life. When we do not have enough time to pamper ourselves our writing may suffer. When I am overwhelmed or feeling stressed, absolutely my inspiration suffers. It is important to catch myself in those moments and remember to take the time to do something I truly love to do.  I love going into nature. When the little chickadees land in the palm of my hand, or I see a Black Crowned Night heron fly across the water, I can feel balanced again. It is truly a magical world we live in, full of miracles when we take the time to watch. I can’t go home from this type of adventure and not feel inspired!

That’s great and I couldn’t agree more! Where is your favorite place to write and do you need something (or lack of something) to write your best?

I love to write anywhere, at home or on a break at work. I prefer a place where I feel balanced, like outdoors or at my desk beside my two loving cats. They like to snoop in on what I’m busy typing. But I can basically write anywhere.

Lol, my cats are such snoops too. Do you have any special events coming up? (Such as new release, book signing, tour)

I’m working on two more books. One is going to be a second book to “Living with Spirits”, and another will be a fiction story about an immortal with the gift of sight. I don’t want to say too much right now as it is all in its infancy. But I am very excited about it!
I recently published a short article –should be free on Amazon right now! Called Halloween, Spirits, and Communication.

Awesome! That’s really exciting and I’ll keep a look out for them in the future! Do you have any closing comments?

Always keep the white light of the creator around you, love the Earth and the people on it, and stay grounded.  The other side is all around us, everyday. It is a matter of staying balanced and positive to recognize the signs they send us. Listen with an open mind to your dreams or “coincidences”….I don’t believe in coincidence 😉

Awesome advice. Again thanks so much and it was a great pleasure to have you here!


Want to know more about Sarah? You can check out her website and her photography

Also check out her book Living With Spirits. Available now!

 Natural born medium, Sarah Christine Lalonde is able to connect with the other side and bring people closer to their loved ones. Sarah brings us her story of growing up with spirits and how we too can connect with our loved ones who have passed on.
Learn more about how to safely connect with your own spirit or animal guide, understand the empathic child, and learn about energy healing through channeled information.
This book is a reminder of the spirituality all around us and how much we are loved and protected by the other side.



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