The week is almost over.

It’s nearly the weekend! And I cannot wait 🙂

Well, I have to take one of the kitties to the vet since he’s been acting strange. Hopefully there isn’t anything seriously wrong with him. Otherwise it should be nice cause my boyfriend is taking me clothes shopping! I am in serious need of some new jeans 😛

Found out today that I will not have to move to California at the end of the year. Though that still leaves the possibilites of Cleveland, OH – Madison, WI – Dayton, OH – somewhere else in OH – London, England – and I can’t remember any others. Of course, being able to stay in Columbus is always an option. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about moving; I’ve moved way too much in the past 2 years. I hate all of the packing.

October is going by way too fast… All too soon it will be November and that means! NANOWRIMO! Always exciting… hopefully I shall win it once again 🙂 Last year was the first time I did, though I’ve participated for three years now. If you participate and want to add me as a writing buddy my name is “vertigo_sam”.

Alrighty then, Cheers!


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