Author Interview with Lee Donoghue

With me today, is the amazing author Lee Donoghue!

Lee works and lives in Hampshire in the UK. When not reading, writing or indulging in photography, he is employed as a Learning and Development Specialist to help people reach their full potential in the real world – where stories of determination and courage are just as prevalent and touching as in any fantasy landscape.
His short stories include: Vampyric Requiem, Desolate Hopes, Life Of Choices, Faith Of Fools and Family Creed.


Thank you so much for joining me today! So why did you start writing?

When I was a kid, I became immersed in the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Donaldson among others. I love the persistent worlds they created, and I guess it started to feed my own imagination.
With friends, we explored new worlds through role playing games such as AD&D and Runequest. I think what attracted me to the genre was the scope of possibilities, and I just had to get it down on paper, for our own enjoyment.

I completely understand! Tolkien was a big influence for me as well. When you write, do you try to appeal to a certain demographic?

No, not really – I write what I would want to read, rather than trying to appeal to a particular group. However, I am interested in having reader input from any demographic – what they think about characters, and how they would like to see the general direction of their ongoing stories shape up. I guess that comes from the collaborative nature of those role playing games I used to enjoy!

Exactly how I feel. Now imagine you just won a trip to anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?

There are so many places I want to explore! However, I have done a fair amount of travelling, and I think I would go back to Hong Kong if it was my last ever trip. I lived there for a while, and it would be great to go back to see it all again as a tourist.

That’s awesome! What is your favorite thing about writing?

Getting lost in the moment. The outside world fades into the background and I get caught up in the story.

Completely agree. Do you like to write fiction or nonfiction, both or only one?

I find the two very different, and I prefer fiction. However, I have written a lot of nonfiction in my day job, and I do find a certain satisfaction in that also.

I definitely like fiction better as well. Who is your biggest supporter in your writing?

Absolutely everyone has been really supportive and I very much appreciate that. My girlfriend gets special mention though for all her encouragement and genuine interest.

Can never have too many supporters! Where is your favorite place to write and do you need something (or lack of something) to write your best?

My favourite place to write is at the kitchen table, where I have large windows and great light. I prefer to write my first drafts on paper, and then type them up later. I don’t really need much else other than a steady supply of tea!

Sounds really nice! So here’s a hard one – at least for me – you can only pick one; tell us who is your favorite character out of all of the books you’ve written or are working on and why.

Hmm. Well, I do have a soft spot for Inais Montia from Faith Of Fools. He isn’t a typical hero: he isn’t physically strong or courageous and yet he has such determination and belief in the face of terrors.

Neat! More than likely you are currently working on a book – or even multiple books – can you tell us a bit about you current WIP and if you know when it will be available?

I am working on further stories in the Eald Cearo fantasy series. The series starts off with short stories introducing different characters. Each story can stand alone, but over time will build on others.
The theory of six degrees of separation will be played out over the course of the series, with the consequences of character actions influencing the direction of the overall story. That story will become clearer as each piece is put in place – as the various threads are drawn tighter.
The next story will be called ‘By Evil Means’, and will be available around the end of October. It introduces the first clues about the Eald Cearo of the series name.

Sounds exciting! Do you have any closing comments?

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I think the hardest part of all this is getting our work in front of people and being able to share it with likeminded people. I would love to hear from anyone with questions about the series or comments in general. Why not come and say hello over at
Thanks again.

Well, thank you and it was a pleasure being able to have you here today!


Want to know more about Lee? You can check out his website and author page!

Also be sure to check out his latest book Family Creed. Available now!

 I am my deeds, pure and as they are. No more and no less.’
Noah Kalesso is a man who knows who he is, and what he is. As an acolyte assassin of the Nizarishin, he had seen his share of endings; his own traumatic past buried beneath the Creed.
Yet on the eve of his initiation, he finds that matters of life and death are not always so easily judged. He must make decisions which could shatter his identity and call into question his whole life’s meaning.
Will his truth come of age? 




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