Monday Recommendation: The Sight and Fell

Happy Monday!

Today I shall be recommending the book The Sight by David Clement-Davies.

Almost two years ago my friends and I went to a bookstore – it was right after Christmas and I had some gift money to spend. I spotted The Sight and I was instantly drawn to it. (Wolves are one of my favorite animals.) I decided to splurge since I hadn’t purchased a new book in forever. I started reading it – but after a couple chapters I stopped. It wasn’t that the book was boring or that I didn’t like it, it was just that I wanted to do anything but read at the time.

I forgot about it and about a year later found it once again. I started reading it again and this time I couldn’t stop.

The Sight starts out with a wolf pack, led by Huttser and Palla, trying to find the place that Palla was raised so that she can give birth to her cubs there. They’re also trying to stay away from her evil half-sister, Morgra. They’re afraid that the cubs would be in danger from her because she had been banished from Palla’s pack when they were younger because Morgra was blamed for killing a cub.

Besides being an accused cub killer, Morgra is thought to have the sight. It’s a power that very few wolves possess and so most think it is nothing but a myth. Those with the sight have the ability too see visions in the water, communicate with birds and see through their eyes, plus some other things.

Morgra does find the pack and she asks to join them. They refuse her, and when she leaves she curses them.

The cubs are born and the surviving ones are named Larka (a white female) and Fell (a black male). Later, Palla’s brother comes to them with an orphan cub named Kar and leaves him with them. He grows up with Larka and Fell but is much better friends with Larka.

Now Morgra is also the leader of the Balkar, also known as Night riders. They are a pack of only alpha male wolves that will do anything she says. Morgra is wanting to control all of the wolves so there is a pack of rebel wolves that are starting up to try to thwart her.

Tragedy starts falling on Huttser and Palla’s pack as members of it begin to die. Larka finds out that she too has the power of the sight and leaves the pack. They find out that Morgra’s goal is to use the sight to bring about a vision through a human child and in the end enslave all of the animals to do her bidding.

And I can’t forget to mention Wolfbane, pretty much the equivalent of the bogey man to the wolves. Since the story takes place in Transylvania I kept expecting him to be a vampire based on his descriptions – I was definitely surprised when I finally found out who he was in the end.

The story is really different and completely unique compared to all of the other stories out there today. There’s a lot of depth to the characters and not everything is revealed at once so you have to keep reading to get their entire story. There’s always something going on and plenty of surprises that you don’t see coming. It definitely keeps you interested and is definitely a re-read. (Especially since some things can be a bit confusing at times.)

A few months after finishing it, my boyfriend and I were at Barnes and Noble when I saw another book.

I had to get it since I had not been aware that there was a sequel. I won’t get into it, but I will say it was quite enjoyable and nearly as good as The Sight. The only thing I didn’t like was that the story wasn’t as centered on the wolves like I had hoped it would be.

So if you like wolves and want a new and interesting take on their lives/myths etc I don’t think you’d be disappointed.


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