Author Interview with Tim Kearsley

Today I am pleased to announce that I was able to interview the up-and-coming author Mr. Tim Kearsley!

Tim Kearsley was born in Northamptonshire in England, in February, 1955. The Healing Shard is his first novel and was published in July, 2012.
Apart from writing, he loves to walk and take in everything Nature has to offer. “Someone said that to be interested in less than everything is a betrayal of the soul. Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but there are more things in this Universe to interest me than I can cover in one lifetime. My eyes are often looking to the heavens and the wonders it holds, both by day and especially by night. I’ve been a keen amateur astronomer for most of my life.”
He also has a keen interest in aviation and can often be found at one of the many airshows. His favourite aircraft –  a tough choice –  he thinks the Spitfire has to be the one!
He still lives in Northamptonshire and still finds new things every day to astound him.


Hi Tim, thanks so much for being here today! So first question. Do you like writing series? Or do you like to create stand alone books and write a sequel only if you feel like it?

So far, I’ve only written a single novel – “The Healing Shard”. However, I always wrote that first novel with a sequel in mind, and I will be starting work on that sequel very soon. If my writing is successful, then I would like to go on and write a trilogy, probably in the same genre (children’s fantasy)

That would be awesome! And The Healing Shard sounds very interesting! Where is your favorite place to write and do you need something (or lack of something) to write your best?

I write at my desk in my study. Unlike some perhaps, I can’t write with any distractions like music or TV going on. It has to be silence and solitude for me!

I’m completely the opposite! Do you participate in Nanowrimo?

No, I don’t.

Understandable. What is one thing that none of your fans probably know about you?

Possibly that I’m a member of Mensa – the High IQ society (though I have put that in the bio page on my website now). I became a member about two years ago, and scored in the top 1% of the population in the IQ test they give you.

That’s awesome! Congratulations! Do your characters have a mind of their own and get into trouble that you weren’t expecting?

They sure do! When I wrote “The Healing Shard” my main character – Leo – started behaving in ways I hadn’t envisaged! I believe a really well-conceived character almost has an existence outside of the author’s head. I think you can be confident that you are writing well if your characters say their own dialogue without you having to think too much about it!

Too true! How much of the editing do you do yourself?

All of it now. When I first wrote “The Healing Shard” I went via the conventional publishing route and found myself an agent. The editor there gave me some useful guidance. But that venture didn’t work out for various reasons and since then and self-publishing I’ve done it on my own.

Completely understand. Do you like to create your own world for your characters or do you like to keep them in the “real world”.

Generally, I quite like the God-like power you have when you create your own world!

That’s my favorite! Now imagine you just won a trip to anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?

It would be the west coast of the USA I think. I’ve never been to America and I really love the desert landscapes of Arizona and Nevada. Also, I’m a keen amateur astronomer and there’s no light pollution out in the desert! In a very close second place though would be New Zealand. I have a brother out there and the whole place looks magical.

New Zealand is one of my dream vacations! You can only pick one. Tell us who is your favorite character out of all of the books you’ve written or are working on and why.

As I’ve only written one full-length novel it will have to be a character from that. Perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t Leo, my “hero”. My favourite character is Gus Ledwidge, Leo’s Physics teacher. Gus is based heavily on one of my own teachers from 40 years ago. He was a dear old chap, very shy, very clever but much made fun of by the kids. In the book – and I won’t say too much here – Gus has hidden depths.

Cool! I completely understand, I tend to prefer secondary characters over the hero myself. Do you like to write fiction or nonfiction/ both/ only one?

Years ago I used to write articles for magazines and quite enjoyed that. These days, I only write fiction.

I stick with the fiction. Do you have any closing comments?

I’d just like to wish all fellow authors, and particularly yourself Steffany, the very best of luck with their writing. Thank you for the interview and giving me the chance to introduce myself. I hope to meet lots of you through the pages of my novels!

Well thank you and the pleasure was mine! Definitely look forward to seeing what else you come up with and good luck on your writing! 🙂


Want to know more about Tim? You can check out his website, author page, or add him on Goodreads!

Also be sure to check out his book The Healing Shard! Available now!

 Leo is a 12 year-old schoolboy who loves science and astronomy and hates History, November and Tuesdays. But one frosty, November night his quiet, comfortable life is turned upside-down by a tiny piece of stone that falls from the sky and lands at his feet. The stone fragment draws Leo into another world; a world of magicians, spells and dark, brooding evil. Slowly, as he descends into nightmare, he begins to wonder if he will ever see his own world again….



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