Character Reveal: Jinger Andrews

I decided to start having character reveals for Inner Strength, Guardians of Ferrum: Book 1! (coming sometime soon)

Today meet Jinger Andrews. She’s the main character and the story is told from her POV. She’s 6 feet tall with flaming red hair and a hot-headed personality to match.

She’s an average college student that one day ends up finding herself in the world of Ferrum. For the past 2 years of her life she’s been being secretly bonded to a future senator of Ferrum. On Ferrum, she is a guardian – one of the few humans brought from Earth to be the protectors of the senators and anyone who has a chance of becoming a senator.

Ferrum used to be an utopia, but not anymore… Jinger arrives when danger is around every corner and one never knows who to trust. Her only task is to protect her bonded – but that could cost her her life.

But Jinger isn’t alone – she has inner beings that will aid her and give her the weapons that she needs in order to survive the new world. She just has to figure out how to find them.

“Jinger! You’re stronger than this!”
“No, I’m not.” I mumbled into the ground. It then hit me that the ground felt smooth and cool, like stone. The air wasn’t hot and smelly. I opened my eyes and raised my head. I was in the dream world and Strength was standing over me.
“Are you going to get up?” it asked.
“I can’t… You were right. I’m not strong. I’m weak and I would never stand a chance without you.”
“You sound like you’re having a pity party.” its voice was harsh and grated on my raw nerves.
“I’m not!” I snapped as I pushed myself into a sitting position, “I just can’t do anything. When there’s real danger I’m worthless! I’ve gotten someone killed because he was trying to save me!” I brushed the tears away angrily.
“So, you’ve just given up and aren’t going to even try anymore?” Strength crossed its arms over its chest and glared at me, “I didn’t think I was part of  such a coward!” it snarled.
“I’m not a coward.” I said in a steely tone. I wasn’t going to let it talk down to me, “If you’re so powerful why aren’t you doing something?!” I pushed myself up to my knees, “You’re a part of me, why are you being selfish with your strength?!” I made it to my feet and stood shakily before it.


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