Hello all! Yes, I now realize that it is indeed Monday… Terribly sorry but I don’t have a recommendation to give to y’all today. I didn’t think ahead for anything else because I had thought (hoped) that I would have the book I’m currently reading completed by today so that it could be the weekly recommendation. Oh, well – I’ll probably hold off till next week or post it later this week.

BUT! I have been quite busy today with editing  and I am nearly done with the first round – so I wanted to throw this out: Do you want to be a beta reader for Inner Strength?

If so just get in contact with me (comment or email – it’s on my about page) Only do so if you can guarantee that you can get it done within a timely manner – I’ve had some beta readers that think over taking over a year is ok 😉

Well… nothing else – have to take Ventus (my cat) back to the vet tomorrow – there will be an author interview as well – and just more editing.



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