Interview with a Cat #4: Ichigo Roman

The newest addition to the family, Ichigo, decided to join me for an interview today!

Ichigo is about 5 months old. His full name is Ichigo Oliver Roman. Ichigo is Japanese for he who protects or strawberry. Oliver is Latin for olive tree. His nicknames include “Ichi”, “Taco”, “Cutie”, and “Chunky”. He’s adorable and sweeter than anything. He loves to cuddle and will purr non stop.


Hi Ichigo, thanks for stopping in and letting me interview you today.

Uh huh. Yep.

I’m sure people are curious about your life before you were adopted. Is there anything you would like to share about it?

What are you talking about? I was born here. This has always been my home.

I think you’re confused… You used to live in the wild with your mom and siblings. It was boiling hot and you were covered in fleas and you couldn’t even meow since you had no water. You were also absolutely filthy and nothing but bones since you had no food.

Nope. That never happened. My mom told me it was a nightmare.

But you don’t have a mom here…

Yes, I do. Just like I have two brothers and a crazy aunt. Now, are you going to ask me real questions or shall I go play with that dust bunny?

Fine. Fine… Um… Why don’t you tell us what your favorite pastime is.

FOOD! I love to eat. I will eat anything and steal all of my families’ food as well. I’m a growing kitten after all.

Of course. So I know that you’re really close to your “brothers”, Terra and Ventus.

Of course. They like me and I like them. We love to play together or cuddle and nap away the day.

Sounds like fun… I’ve seen that you like to sit in front of the tv and watch it – no matter what’s on. I’ve heard you’ve been compared to Lucky from the 101 Dalmatians cartoon.

Huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I like sitting in front of that black box because it makes funny noises and things are always moving around. I love to play. Look there’s my yarn ball!

Um… are you going to finish the interview?

We can interview this yarn ball!

The yarn isn’t alive.

Sure it is! Why do you think it runs away when I hit it?

It’s not running away… Oh, never mind. Go on and play with your toys. Is there anything you would like to say before you leave?

Nope! I love yarn and food!

Ok… Thank you for coming.


You can also check out Ichigo’s Facebook!




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