This week’s book recommendation: Born in Flames

Ok, so I was able to finish the book that I wanted to use for Monday’s book recommendation. Just been doing so much that I didn’t get as much time to sit and read like I wanted.

Anyway, this week I recommend the book Born in Flames by Candace Knoebel.

First I love the cover – it is gorgeous! Now I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since it came out and I finally was able to buy a copy for my Kindle. The wait was definitely worth it and I was not disappointed!

The story is told from the perspective of Aurora Megalos. She is part mage and part dragon. She lives in another world that is partially connected to ours, but when she was a child some of The Fates (the gods) wanted to kill her. In an effort to save her life and keep her protected she was sent through a portal and ended up in Hawaii without any memories of her past.

She grows up on the small island with her foster mom and a boy named Fenn. He also has no memory of his past and it brings them together. Years have passed and Fenn and Aurora are living in a motel and working at a restaurant hoping to save up enough money so that they can start searching for their birth parents. But things happen when Aurora’s around – strange things that they can’t explain.

She can control flames and things that would burn a normal person do not faze her. Then a creepy guy starts following her around, giving her cryptic prophecies and having information about their past.

Things pick up from there and it’s just one thing after another. They find out that they have to find three keys before the full moon if they want to return home and get all of their memories – and powers – back. Problems arise and Fenn has to leave, abandoning Aurora. But after he leaves a girl comes, Alexis, wielding magic and there to help Aurora find her way back as well as protect her from the danger that could kill her.

There’s plenty of magic, fantasy, adventure, a dash of romance, and danger that keeps you intrigued and wondering what’s going to happen next. The characters are likable and you’re able to get a good feel for their personalities. I loved the descriptions and was able to get a really good visual of the places they would go to. It just draws you in and leaves you wanting more after you turn the last page.

I greatly enjoyed it and definitely am looking forward to the next books. If magic and adventure are your cup of tea then you should definitely give this book a try!


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