Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year once again… Now, I grew up never knowing a single Halloween. It was a forbidden “holiday” in my family – the Devil’s day. Every year we would be forced to keep all of the lights turned off and all of the windows closed when the kids were out trick-or-treating. We weren’t allowed to look outside and see the evilness that was going on. If the parents took us to a store any time that the Halloween costumes and decorations were up we would have to keep our eyes on the ground and definitely not be seen by the parents even unconsciously looking at something for fear of getting in trouble.

I look back at it now and laugh. I’ve still to this day never done anything for Halloween outside of dressing up my cats, but it’s only because of the fact the it’s always way too cold!
Seriously, it was snowing outside this morning! That’s not supposed to happen for another month at least!

The thing that makes me excited though is that there’s only one day between me and November! That means Nanowrimo begins, but more importantly, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! That will be followed closely by – my birthday! – and of course Christmas and New Years! Just so very exciting 🙂 I love the holidays more than any other time of year.

I’m just going to start rambling so I’ll say good-evening. I have an author interview for y’all tomorrow as well as an exciting book release that I’ve been looking forward to!



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