Author Interview with Dexter Morgenstern

Today I had the honor of being able to interview the very talented author Dexter Morgenstern!

Dexter Morgenstern was born in North Carolina and has been home-schooled most of his life in part due to being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at an early age which led to being somewhat socially outcast. Over time, Dexter developed a vivid imagination and love for chemistry and biology. This led him to delve into the world of science fiction and begin writing at the age of fifteen. Dexter combined his imagination with his appreciation for science, and competed in the NaNoWriMo contest in 2011 at the age of seventeen.  He successfully finished the contest and finally drafted his first complete novel “Felix Faust” as part of the Arcane Insurrection series.


Hi Dexter! Thanks so much for joining me today! This is even more exciting since you just released your newest book, The Slender Man, today! So let’s just get right into since I’m very excited to hear about it. Can you tell us more about The Slender Man and where the inspiration for the story came from?

Well The Slender Man has been around for a while. He and similar variants are known to appear in nightmares and hallucinations, and a lot of people associate sleep paralysis with him. I’ve personally had sleep paralysis fits and nightmares where he appeared and I know I’m not the only one. Recently, a different variant of The Slender Man picked up and has become a fad. So I figured if people are really this interested in The Slender Man that I should write a book about him. Except in my book, I used the version people hallucinate about; the kind that people might relate to.

That sounds really interesting and I cannot wait to read it! Is the main character designed after anyone you know in real life and would they be someone you could, or would, want to be friends with?

Alyssa’s not designed after anyone I know, consciously at least. I created the story around The Slender Man himself so naturally I needed characters to convey the story. Now when I was working Alyssa, the main character, I did give her a few aspects that I can relate to, but I also made her the kind of person who mostly keeps to herself outside of her very close friends and family. So we could be friends, and that the very least we wouldn’t be enemies.

Cool! That makes sense. So is this going to be the start of a new series?

No, it won’t be, at least not currently. I designed the outline to be a stand-alone novel. That might change later on, but I don’t expect it to.

Alrighty then. What do you think is the song that best fits the mood/theme of the story?

Well we have a paranormal horror story set in a small community. This has been done a lot, but I don’t have any songs I know that come to mind, at least not any that fit in 100%. However, I did find myself listening to Akira Yamaoka’s music while writing this book. He composes a lot of dark-themed music for franchises like Silent Hill and I think some of his more melancholy themes like “Homecoming” or “Witchcraft” set in well to the overall mood of the book.

I can see those fitting. Definitely won’t be listening to anything or staying in a dark room while reading it then! Well since my curiosity has been a bit sated let’s get into the rest of the interview. Can you tell us what is one thing that none of your fans probably know about you?

That I want to build robots. I want a degree in robotic engineering, now that may not seem like a writer’s goal, but as a science-fiction author it helps to know the actual science behind what you’re talking about.

Yea it does and that would be really cool! And good luck if you do go for that 🙂 Do you like to create your own world for your characters or do you like to keep them in the “real world”.

That depends on the plot. Most of my projects and future project outlines do take place in the real world. After all, that gives you a vast setting. You can choose what period your story takes place, whether it’s past, present, and –to an extent- future. Plus there’s no rule against creating fictional settings as needed in the real world. Now I also love the idea of creating one, because then you literally control everything about that environment, so your flexibility is only limited by your creativity! However, the benefits of a fictional world have proven unnecessary in my current work, so mostly I go with real world.

Sure, I understand. And I guess it does always make it feel more real or like it might be able to happen/have happened. So what is one, non-writing related, thing that you like to do in your spare time?

Well I do enjoy gaming, in fact there are some points when my parents think I’ve given up writing because I’ll spend so much time on one game, but outside of that I like to swim for both exercise and recreation, and I’m teaching myself to play the bass.

Awesome! I’m obsessed with gaming too. More than likely you are currently working on a book – or even multiple books – can you tell us a bit about you current WIP and if you know when it will be available?

Right now I’m working on a young adult paranormal thriller called The Slender Man. It’s undergoing editing and beta reading but I anticipate it will be available in October. Hopefully for Halloween.

And there’s also “Byron Bishop” to look forward to! Now you can only pick one. Tell us who is your favorite character out of all of the books you’ve written or are working on and why.

I’ll go with Sebastian Roy from Byron Bishop. He’s one of the bad guys, and often comes off as enigmatic, but his motivation is very simple and right there in front of you. On top of that, I love how he is cold-blooded, but not in any way malicious. He just does what he has to do. He’s a neutral antagonist.

That’s really interesting! I never hear anyone liking their villains best. When do you like to read? (certain seasons/time of day/weather conditions)

I don’t use a particular time or setting to read. I choose to read after I have reached that in my queue of daily to-do tasks. So usually after I finish my day’s quota of writing, be it morning, afternoon, or night, I will set up some time to read. So in short my favorite reading time falls between writing and gaming.

Awesome! Do you outline everything that you write?

I mostly get the beginning and end figured out, and then outline each chapter to get from point A to point B. I will often detour from the outline with a new spontaneous twist, but I always know what I want to happen. Having a chapter by chapter outline, no matter how outdated it gets, is always very helpful for anticipating your next move.

Good points. Do you like giving visual ideas of what your characters look like? Or do you like to leave it up to the reader’s interpretation from whatever you write about them?

For my main characters such as the narrator and primary antagonists, I like to put my own description in, and for supporting characters I will also add a description, but not as much. Compare the description of Randy to the description of Maurice from Felix Faust and you’ll get my point.

Yea, I see what you mean. Do you view writing as a career or a hobby or something else?

It’s a hobby that I’d like to be a career, so I treat it like a part time job. I have a certain daily quota of writing or editing to fill and I make myself do it. Now that doesn’t mean it comes off as a chore. I go at a pace where I enjoy it, but still make steady progress. I bet famous singers didn’t get where they are solely by singing in the shower.

Very true! Well, good luck and I really do hope that it pans out for you! When you write, do you try to appeal to a certain demographic?

Well science fiction fans for one, but do far all of my writing has also appealed to the young adult group. That wasn’t intentional, but it’s not something I’m against. I want to write to whoever will read it and enjoy it, but it turns out that young adult sci-fi readers are the ones who respond most positively to sci-fi books written by a young adult. How weird is that?

Lol. I guess being able to the relate to the author might be a draw for them as well then. Do you have any closing comments?

Yes, thanks for having me! It’s fun getting to work with other authors and bloggers and I really appreciate you taking the time to interview me.

You’re very welcome and thank you! I love being able to learn more and get to know the other authors out there! Especially when I already love their books!


Want to know more about Dexter and stay up on news? Check out his Facebook and Blog!

Also be sure to check out his brand new book, The Slender Man, just released today!

 In Murphy, North Carolina, a tragic accident occurs claiming the lives of several elementary school children. Alyssa’s brother Adam is the only child spared, and what seems like a tragic ending is merely invitation to an ancient horror as the town’s remaining children begin disappearing. Alyssa realizes that she and her brother are among those suffering from a mysterious ailment and haunted by sinister apparitions. Alyssa sees a sometimes amorphous, sometimes man-like shadow. Her peers see their deceased loved ones, and then disappear. As each day passes, more children are taken, and Alyssa knows that the ominous figure is responsible. Now if Alyssa wants to save herself and her brother from becoming the next victims, she has to figure out what it is and how to fight it, before it’s too late.



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