Let’s begin the week shall we.

So I’m slacking. Well, only here… I’ve been working on my novel for Nano – 13,000+ I’ve reached today 🙂 and also the constant editing for Inner Strength must continue.

Hmm.. let’s see. Oh yes, I did go to the theater to see Wreck it Ralph since my boyfriend had been given tickets for a special advance showing. The movie was good but getting into was horrible. They had security that would check your purses and bags and take any phone from you and either pat you down or run a metal detector over you – they even took my kindle, which is the cheapest one that you can buy and has no sort of camera/speaker/recording device on it. It doesn’t even have it’s own backlight. (I had taken it for the bus ride and to read while waiting for the movie to start, well that didn’t happen.) I’m sure if I had taken my cell phone – which can’t even support picture messages – that they would have taken it too. Then they had security sitting in on the movie to kick anyone out that might somehow have slipped some recording device past their arduous security check to even get in the room. People compared it to going through the airport or like we were criminals.
Probably the most upsetting part of it was that they wouldn’t be doing this to anyone that chose to go to the midnight premier. By the time we got out of the movies there was only a couple hours till it would be released for everyone – really big deal if it were to get out a couple hours early. Oh, and it was in 3D so there was definitely no way that we would have been able to record that thing.

It was just stupid and a waste of time – and dampened our moods for the show. After such a long wait and such a big hassel to get in we were just tempted to say forget it. But for all of you who don’t have to go through that to watch it, it was still fun and a decent movie.

And once again there will be no recommendation – at least for today. Perhaps if I run across an old book I’ve read I’ll post it later this week. November is just such a busy month and it probably won’t slack off till the new year.

Speaking of the new year… still don’t know where I more than likely will be moving to. Seattle, WA perhaps… or mayhap the Cleveland or Dayton as before mentioned… I just don’t want to move, but it’s looking more and more likely to happen.

Well, I shall go now. Have a wonderful week!


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