Author Interview with Kyle Snyder!

Today I was able to interview the interesting author Mr. Kyle Snyder!

Born in Torrance, California on March 29, 1985, Kyle E. Snyder currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. His dream is to write fiction with the goal that one day his works will become movies for everyone to enjoy. His main genres for writing are fantasy and sci-fi. With a long list of ideas for stories to write that keeps growing, there will be virtually no end to Kyle’s writing career.


Hi Kyle, thanks so much for joining me today! So more than likely you are currently working on a book – or even multiple books – can you tell us a bit about you current WIP and if you know when it will be available?

Right now, I’m working on Project: Death Cat 2, the sequel to Project: Death Cat 1. Basically, Project: Death Cat is about an anti-terrorist agent named Dario Frandsen who is chosen by the United States Anti-Terrorist Organization (or USATO for short) to undergo genetic manipulation in order to gain cat-like abilities. The abilities he gains through genetic manipulation help him take down terrorists easily. However, his eyes and fingernails become cat-like as well, forcing him to wear shades and gloves at all times to hide the fact that he has become genetically manipulated. I got the idea for this story from Robocop and Black Cat. I’m sure everyone knows all about Robocop. As for Black Cat, it’s a popular Anime series that I highly recommend to watch. As for when Project: Death Cat 2 will be available, it’s currently unknown right now. All I can say is that once it’s completely written and edited, it’ll be available within 24 hours upon completion.

Awesome! That sounds really interesting. I love Anime so I’ll have to look into Black Cat. Do you give your characters experiences that you’ve had in your own life?

I tend to give my characters similar desires and interests that I’ve had or do have in my life. With Jordan and Amy in The Sapphire Desire, they have the desire to become rich quickly in any way possible, same as I. With Dario Frandsen in Project: Death Cat, he has a high interest in watching football related programming when he’s not at work, same as I. As for experiences I’ve had in my life, there probably will be some that I’ll have my characters have as well in future books.

Cool. What is your favorite thing about writing?

Knowing that somewhere in the future, someone is going to read it and like it. It also gives me a better visualization of seeing what my stories would be like if they became movies, which is my ultimate goal.

That would be really awesome! And good luck! Can you tell us how do you pick the names for your characters?

A lot of the names for my characters come from various sources. Some come from people I’ve known throughout my life, others come from various sources. For example, in The Sapphire Desire, three of the Ruin Raiders (Amulek, Laman, and Nehor) are named after people from The Book of Mormon. Like most writers, it’s not always easy coming up with names for the characters. Sometimes the names have to come naturally.

Completely understand. A good name is sometimes very hard to come by. So do you view writing as a career or a hobby or something else?

I view writing as a hobby. Obviously I don’t make enough money as a writer to make a living, so I do it part-time. For those who are thinking about quitting their job to be a full-time writer, don’t. Unless you are super successful as a writer, there is no reason for you to quit your job.

Very true. Who is your biggest supporter in your writing?

My internet friends. They know as well as I do that there’s so many good stories to tell that haven’t been told yet. Many of our ideas could easily become hit movies.

That’s great! And very true. I never understand when people think that everything has already been done before. What is your favorite movie/tv-show?

Favorite movie: The Avengers. Favorite TV show: Does NFL Football count as a TV show?

Lol, I suppose it can. Yea, The Avengers was good. Now you can only pick one. Tell us who is your favorite character out of all of the books you’ve written or are working on and why.

Dario Frandsen from Project: Death Cat. He’s not afraid of any terrorist, he never wants to admit defeat, he shows absolutely no mercy when engaged in battle, and when he’s not at work, he enjoys watching NFL football. He’s the ideal main character for a cop movie.

Lol, sounds like he would be. Do you like to create your own world for your characters or do you like to keep them in the “real world”.

If I’m writing fantasy, then I create worlds for the characters. If I’m writing Sci-Fi, I tend to keep them in the real world.

Makes sense. Who is your favorite author?

Independent author: David Walters, author of the Samurai Trilogy. Non-independent author: J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien is my favorite author too! Before this interview ends do you have any closing comments?

To those who are thinking about writing fiction, don’t let anything stop you from doing so. We need more fiction writers in the world. There are many great ideas for stories that haven’t been told yet, many of which can even become movies. We as independent authors are the future of writing fiction. We as authors also have a responsibility to let Hollywood know that there are more ideas for movies to make than just remakes or reboots of movies that have been out for more than 20 years. For Hollywood to get out of the reputation of being short on ideas, we have to let them know that independent authors have brilliant ideas as well that could be blockbuster hits.

Awesome advice. Well thanks again for being here and the best of luck in your future of writing!


Be sure to check out Kyle’s book, Project Death Cat. Available now!

 In the year 2041 in San Francisco, California, Dario Frandsen, an agent of the United States Anti-Terrorist Organization (or USATO for short), is in a war against Karbon Horns, a notorious terrorist organization known for attacking the public when least expected. During this war, Dario undergoes genetic manipulation to gain cat-like abilities in order to gain an edge against terrorists. With his cat-like abilities, his partner, Agent Sean Adamson and a motivation to avenge his father’s death, Agent Dario Frandsen is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat national terrorism.



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