Interview with a cat #5: Aerith Martin-Roman

So, I thought I would finish interviewing the cats. Today, Miss Aerith has joined me!

Aerith just turned 2 years old a little over a month ago. Her full name is Aerith Ungoliant Martin-Roman. The meaning of Aerith is not quite known but is thought to mean air, earth, flower that finds the light, or peace. Ungoliant means gloomweaver. She is scared of everything and has some weight issues, but she does know how to kiss on command and will often do it to get herself out of trouble or situations she doesn’t like. Her nicknames include “Fatty,” “Goblin,” “Penguin,” “Fatty Lumpkin,” and “Aeris.”


Hi Aerith! Thanks for coming and letting me interview you!

You’re welcome… Just so long as no one shows up unexpectedly.

Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s just the two of us. So, can you tell us something about you?

Well, I have abandonment issues. When I was a baby the person that I lived with when I was born didn’t want me so they sent me to someone else. Only after a couple months of being with her she sent me to you. I’m always scared that one day I’ll be tossed out again.

Aw. You don’t have to worry about that. You’re here for life. So it seems like all of the other cats sort of look up to you like their mother.

I suppose… It’s nothing that I’ve done I don’t think. They just seem to think that the way I act reflects a motherly personality. I just don’t like anyone being dirty so I bathe them and watch over them.

Well that’s nice of you. Everyone’s heard of the term scaredy cat and you definitely make that statement true. Why is that?

There is just so much in this world that is terrifying! It also goes back to those abandonment issues. I was always moving around so often in my early life that I was always on alert. Things change too much for my liking.

I suppose that’s understandable. Now most of the other cats seem to have some big secret or some “other life” do you have anything like that?

If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.

I suppose so.

But I can tell you to keep an eye out for a book starring me! It’s going to be the 3rd book in the new upcoming series entitled Cats’ Biographies.

Cool! That’s awesome! Do you know what your book is going to be about?

Of course. It’s going to be about my secret life. There’s going to be one for each of us cats. The first one is called Survivor and is starring Ventus.

Alright, well thanks so much for all that info. Do you want to tell us anything else before we end this interview?


Just no? Nothing else you want to add?


Alright, well thank you for taking your time to come here today! And we will definitely be keeping our eyes out for that book series!

Yes. Goodnight.

Goodnight and goodbye.


You can also check out her Facebook!



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