Happy Monday :D

Sorry for being so quiet on here. I just lost track of time… Let’s see, I never did do the book recommendation that I was wanting to do last week. I’ll try to do it later this week if I can find the time. Thanksgiving is here too soon… I’ve just been busy with Nano and edits and then sick and gaming, gaming, gaming…

But, I think Inner Strength is just about done! I completed the edits and am getting it ready for its release! 😀 I’m just trying to figure out the best date. My boyfriend tells me I should release it on my birthday – that’s the 10th of December – I just don’t know. I want to be able to do a release day party and I don’t think that would work well for me – though I could always do a belated one… Hmmm… I’ll think about it.

The other thing is we are moving for sure – to Dayton! Now I have to do apartment hunting and just hope that there will be something available in the time frame needed. Only have around a month to do so… That also means I’m going to have to be packing and cleaning like crazy… Ugh I just wish it wasn’t going to be right around the holidays…

My boyfriend wants to have our own Thanksgiving tomorrow with the kids – aka cats – so I’m going to be making a roast duck. I need to figure out good side dishes since I’ve never had duck other than the time I cooked it and that was just to practice… And then we will be leaving on Wednesday to spend the holiday weekend with his family!

I can’t believe 2012 is almost over!

But I better go because I have waaaaaaaay too much to do. So ya’ll probably won’t be seeing me on here that much until things start to settle down – as in get moved and everything..



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