I have returned!

Well a very happy belated Thanksgiving to all who celebrated it! Mine was nice but also hectic. The cats thoroughly enjoyed all of the turkey and ham though.

For my boyfriend and I, we were just constantly running around that we really didn’t get to enjoy the time off. He did buy a car – finally – that we weren’t expecting, but it’s really nice since we’ve been without one for awhile now and were sick of relying on the bus to get us anywhere we needed to go. No Black Friday shopping and nothing really fun… like I said, busy and not relaxing.

The rest of the year won’t be relaxing either since we have to get packed and moved within a month. I am so sick of looking for apartments already… Plus I need to get ready for the release of Inner Strength! Whoo! Like 2 weeks away 😀 Mark your calendars and let everyone know 😉

Exciting thing is I just finished Nanowrimo today! Yay, the 2nd year for me to win 😀 That is the next book I must work on editing now and get that ready to release sometime early 2013!

Well, I need to get and do some more cleaning/packing/etc…




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