The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

So the lovely and wonderfully talented, Trish Marie Dawson contacted me and asked if I’d like to take part in this thing called ‘THE NEXT BIG THING’. Thank you, Trish! It is designed to raise awareness of our work, or work in progress. We do that by answering ten questions about it. We graciously thank the person who nominated us, and tag five other authors whose work could well be that NEXT BIG THING.
So here we go!

 Q#1: What is the title of your book?

Inner Strength, it’s the 1st book in my new series, Guardians of Ferrum.

Q#2: Where did the idea for the book come from?

I was on a walk late at night with my boyfriend one day and bits of the story just started coming to me. Once I started writing it just went off in ways I never expected.

Q#3: What genre does your book fall under?

It is a young adult fiction, steampunk-esque novel.

Q#4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

That is incredibly tough and I don’t think I can answer this. The problem is I don’t know of any actress that is the proper age for the main character, Jinger, or any that I would like to see play her or that would be suitable for her.

Q#5: What is the one sentence sypnopsis for the book?

The first book in the Guardians of Ferrum series introduces Jinger Andrews, a pretty normal college student that has her life turned upside down when she is unknowingly bonded to a future senator for the unheard of world, Ferrum; once there she starts to find out that Ferrum might not be the utopia everyone thinks it is, but trying to figure out the secrets of the world and fulfill her role as a guardian might just cost her, her life.

Q#6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I am self-publishing the book.

Q#7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

First draft was completed in about a month, but then it had to go through some pretty hefty editing.

Q#8: What other books would you compare this story to, in your genre?

I haven’t really read any other steampunk novels. I know a few exist, but I wouldn’t be able to compare mine to any since I don’t know what they’re like.

Q#9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

All of my friends and the people that have impacted my life in some major way. Ultimately, my boyfriend, Juan and my bestest friend, Ginger – who the main character was somewhat modeled after.

Q#10: What else about the book might pique the readers’ interest?

There’s plenty of fantasy, adventure and mystery that will keep you reading and trying to figure out what’s really going on in Ferrum and what’s going to happen to all of the characters. I just want everyone to not only be entertained by the story, but also to be drawn into the world and try to come up with the ending, only to be completely surprised by everything that will be revealed in the other books to come.

And now I’d like to pass this on to Dexter Morgenstern and any other author out there, and let them tell you all about their work. Their posts will bear the same title and will be live on or around December 5th. So, any authors that see this and have not already been invited to participate, I hand this on to you so you can continue on. (If you choose to I can add a link to your blog here if you just let me know)



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