One week away!

Alright, I can hardly contain my excitement! It is only one week away from the release of Inner Strength, Book 1 in Guardians of Ferrum!
Due to everything being pretty hectic because of needing to get moved within a month, I will have to have a post-release day party for it. So, hopefully everything will have settled down come January and I will be able to hold some contests/giveaways etc!

Still having to search for our next apartment and getting everything packed and ready to move as soon as we can… Also my birthday is coming up and then Christmas… First year I don’t get to decorate for Christmas 😦 One of my favorite things to do each year. I also cannot wait to watch the Hobbit!

Annnd I won Nanowrimo! This is my 2nd year to do so 😀 and that will be the next novel that I will probably focus most of my time on to get it ready to publish spring 2013. But of course I need to put some time into writing Inner Peace, book 2 in the Guardians of Ferrum.

So much to do and no time it seems… I also need to start searching for a job in the area we will be moving to… unless of course all of you help this new release sky-rocket 😉 and I can just stick with the writing – which is my dream of course.

Alrighty, I need to get and do whatever… Have a great one everyone 🙂



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